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Watercolour Steam Train by AmberDust Watercolour Steam Train by AmberDust
I've been a little quiet on DeviantArt these past months, I graduated from University with First class Honours and got my first job working in London. I'm back home now though looking to further my art so there will be more updates from me at last!

There's been a lot going on in my family recently, some good, some bad. A few weeks ago we discovered that my Grandpa was very ill and this week he was diagnosed with several health problems and he may not have long left. I've only seen two family members pass away in my lifetime so it comes to me as quite a shock.

Nevertheless, my family and I are optimistic and are helping him with a better diet and lifestyle to fight back. I visited him for the first time since I graduated from University today and he did start to look better with our company.

This week I tried out some further watercolour experiments as it is a medium I struggle with (unpredictable patterns, long drying times, buckling paper, etc. etc) but if it goes well I get the most satisfaction out of it and I love the look of watercolour artwork. I decided to do a North Wales-inspired landscape with a steam train running through the hills. My Grandpa is a train fanatic and I will always remember his 75th Birthday where we gave him the experience of driving a steam train (with all of us as passengers!) as a present in Llangollen in North Wales.

This is my finished result on A3 paper which I framed to give him, he loved it, though he did say there should be more steam coming out of the front of the train, which I knew he would say! I seemed to have forgotten it.

I still have a lot to learn with watercolour and will be doing more attempts this Christmas.

Wishing my Grandpa all the best :heart:
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AmberDust Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks for your lovely comment! :aww:
I feel quite sad to have neglected the DA community, I hope I can spark up my old friendships again now I am online more. :) I'm amazed you remember me from the very beginning of my account here! Thanks for sticking with me :)

Hope to hear from you again soon! :hug:
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